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Mr. Casagrande has joined forces with his good friend and colleague, Lee Walter and Lee Walter Associates to promote performances at Carnegie Hall and Chicago's Symphony Center.  Lee Walter Associates has over 50 years of experience in promoting performances at Carnegie Hall and in New York City, including Isaac Stern, Marian Anderson, the Juilliard String Quartet, etc.  His work with bands include the University of Texas, University of Illinois, Texas A & M University, Michigan State University and University of Notre Dame, among others.  Mr. Walter is transitioning to retirement and will work together with Mr. Casagrande in all future promotional activities.  


Mr. Casagrande worked closely with Lee Walter Associates in his performances conducting at Carnegie Hall.  Mr. Walters' promotional efforts created audiences at Carnegie Hall of app. 1500-1800 people, respectively, on both occasions of his promotion of Mr. Casagrande's ensembles.  In addition, Mr. Casagrande has performed on 3 separate occasions at Orchestra Hall in Chicago's Symphony Center and will work very closely with their booking manager.  Audiences at Orchestra Hall were approximately 1200-1600 people in all three concerts. Mr. Walter brings this expertise and experience to you through his collaboration with Mr. Casagrande. 


As a promoter on your ensemble's behalf, I will:

a.  Guide you through contract negotiations and deadlines.


b.  Ensure that you have the largest audience possible for your concert.  The commitment to an audience for your performance is a hallmark of our promotional efforts. 


c. Travel to your community to meet with you and any of your stakeholders.


d.  Be onsite at the concert hall during the entire day that you perform or whatever additional time is needed on the performance week.


e.  Meet with you prior to your performance for a familiarization tour of the concert hall.


f.  Be available to you at any time regarding your performance.

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